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Meet Our Therapists

Catie Mengel

Catie Mengel started her massage therapy journey in 2008.  Her passion to help others drove her to learn a wide variety of modalities including medical massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, swedish, aromatherapy hot stone, body treatments and more.  As her knowledge deepened she sought out other therapies to greater assist her clients, such as scar tissue release work, advanced deep tissue massage, and Somatic Experiencing that address the body as a whole rather than pieces. 

With all of these different techniques under Catie’s belt she is confident that she can design a treatment tailored to your needs. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, stress or anxiety, or would just like to melt into the table and relax.

Kim Pearson

Kim Pearson LMT, is in her thirteenth year of practice and has loved every minute! She is a 2006 graduate of the Dovestar Institute for Holistic Technology of Hooksett, NH and Hilton Head, SC. Kim practices "therapeutic massage". No two massages are ever the same, as each time your body presents with different issues and strengths that she works with to achieve balance and wellness! Kim employs many different techniques and modalities - from Reiki to Myofascial Release to Trigger Point to deep tissue to address any issues you may have.

Kim splits her time between SC and TX where she lives to be near her two adorable grandchildren. When not massaging, she can be found on a tennis court, enjoying her family or in a classroom at the University of North Texas perusing a Masters in Counseling.

Holly Wright

Holly Wright is a Reiki Master and reflexologist. She also specializes in stretching by using a combination of PNF stretching, passive, and static stretching techniques. She combines all of her techniques to help the client understand why a certain muscle group is tighter then another. 

Holly Wright’s overall goal is to educate people on the importance of creating a healthy balance between cardiovascular exercise, strength building, flexibility, nutrition, and stress relieving practices which will improve your posture and allow you to more actively enjoy your favorite pastimes and live a long and vibrant life.

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Liza Pirkey

Liza Pirkey is a healing practitioner and licensed Esthetician.  She specializes in Stress Relief Facilitation and Emotional Freedom Technique.


With over 13 years in the esthetics industry, Liza has gained extensive experience treating a variety of skin care concerns.  While enhancing your natural beauty, her eye for detail will leave your skin feeling thoroughly cared for, healthy and happy. 


In 2013 she completed the Mentor Coach “Foundations” Training Program. In 2015 she became certified in Reiki I & II in the Usui Reiki system. These studies led into a deeper emerging passion for EFT and she have been practicing “tapping” for more than six years now.  She is currently in the process of attaining her Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysics which will result in becoming a Certified Minister and Counselor.


Emotional Freedom Technique has become her preferred modality in her practice. She truly enjoys teaching others to release physical and emotional stress and trauma from the body. Stress management is key in all areas of life and is essential to creating balance. She delights in the works of Louise Hay, implementing positive affirmations and self-love therapy. For fun she incorporates aromatherapy, chakra reviving, meridian work and colour therapy too!

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